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At the heart of our business is this motto: “The customer always comes first.” To demonstrate this, we’ve opened up a resource section to everyone who visits our blog. Our professionals will share what we know about the heating and cooling industry, home comfort advice, tips, and more. Filled with information, our blog is available to you 24 hours a day. Take a moment to explore our new blog, and be sure to check back regularly for more of what Gross Knows.

  • Gross Thermostat2

    Home Comfort Goes High Tech With Wi-Fi Thermostats

    Just as one-size-fits-all isn’t the best choice for comfortable clothing, one-temp-all-the-time isn’t a good approach to heating and cooling your home. Today’s programmable, Wi-Fi compatible thermostats allow you to tailor comfort to specific needs, current conditions, and changing schedules. More than just convenient, this technology …

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  • Grossblogaug2

    There’s Still Time to Save on Summer Cooling Costs

    While the cost to cool a home in summer is usually lower than the long and costly battle to keep it warm in winter, it can be a significant expense—especially at a time when you’d probably rather be spending any extra dollars on family vacations, …

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  • Technician Explaining AC Options

    Get up to Speed on AC Options

    If you’re thinking about a new air conditioning system, it’s important to understand the types of internal compressors that are available and how they affect the price and performance of your unit. Comparing Variable-Speed and Two-Stage Compressors A variable-speed compressor is able to adapt to …

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  • Ways To Stay Cool

    How Humidity Made the World a Cooler Place

    It was humidity more than high temperatures that led to the invention of air conditioning. In 1902, Willis Carrier was working in a printing company, and finding that paper would curl and ink would not set properly on humid days. Familiar with the concept of …

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