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At the heart of our business is this motto: “The customer always comes first.” To demonstrate this, we’ve opened up a resource section to everyone who visits our blog. Our professionals will share what we know about the heating and cooling industry, home comfort advice, tips, and more. Filled with information, our blog is available to you 24 hours a day. Take a moment to explore our new blog, and be sure to check back regularly for more of what Gross Knows.

  • Gross Heating & Air Conditioning recommends hiring companies that are certified in their industry.

    Hiring an HVAC Pro—Do Certifications Matter?

    Today, the role of a heating and cooling professional has changed dramatically due to advanced technology and more complex equipment. When you’re ready to hire someone to work on the most critical and expensive systems in your home—your furnace or air conditioning—dealer certifications are a …

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  • A ductless air conditioning system is ideal for the “problem room” in your home that's always too warm. Categories: Air Conditioning, A/C Tips

    Fix That Problem Room With Ductless A/C

    A Mitsubishi Electric ductless air conditioner system is ideal for spot cooling the “problem room” in your home—the room that’s always too warm no matter how comfortably cool other rooms are. As the world leader in air conditioning systems, Mitsubishi Electric single-zone air conditioning systems …

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  • Gross Cold Blog

    The Common Cold—Improve Your IAQ to Avoid Catching One

    In the United States, colds account for more visits to the doctor than any other condition, according to the American Lung Association. Highly contagious and caused by more than 200 different viruses, the common cold is virtually impossible to prevent—but the quality of the air …

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  • Gross Heating provides tips to help minimize static electricity in your home.

    Stop the Shocks—Win the Battle Against Static Electricity

    Static electricity becomes more of a nuisance in the winter, as most of us know. That’s because cold, dry air increases both the incidence of static electricity problems and the severity of shocks. If your hair becomes “flyaway,” your clothes stick to you, or every …

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  • Gross Heating & Air Conditioning offers tips on finding the best thermostat for your home, budget, and lifestyle needs.

    Navigating the New World of Thermostats

    Is It Time to Trade in That Classic Round Model? As one consumer so aptly puts it: today’s thermostats are either Stone Age devices without features, programmable but hard to install and use, or so technologically advanced that they make their own decisions. That’s a …

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  • Our NATE-Certified technicians will help resolve any HVAC problems.

    Good Reasons Not To Postpone Furnace Repair

    Make that call before worn parts become broken parts Taking care of small issues with your furnace when they initially crop up goes a long way toward minimizing long-term problems. Make sure your furnace remains healthy and reliable throughout winter—call for service now and be …

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