5 Things You Should Know About Radiant Heating for Warm Floors

by | Oct 9, 2018

5 Things You Should Know About Radiant Heating from Gross Heating

One of the hottest trends in home comfort is heated floors. And for good reason say the experts at Gross Heating & Air Conditioning—warming a solid flooring surface has a number of benefits over warming air. Radiant heating begins with a boiler, which heats water and sends it through a network of tubes directly under flooring. Heat energy is absorbed by the floor and slowly released to warm the entire room. The result is a more tangible, touchable warmth than what you get with a forced-air system, with these added bonuses:

  1. No more cold toes—no one wants to hop out of bed or a hot shower onto cold wood or tile. And you probably don’t want your kids playing on a chilly hard floor all winter. Sure, you can wear slippers, bundle up, or bring in a bunch of area rugs, but there’s something really cozy about having warmth right where you can feel it.
  2. Savings underfoot—heated floors retain warmth longer than hot air, which rises quickly, literally sending a big portion of your heating bill right over your head. The lingering effect of radiant heat means real energy savings.
  3. More consistent temperatures—radiant heat is released over a large surface, so it warms a room more evenly and consistently compared to a furnace that delivers a single stream of air through each register.
  4. Clean and quiet—hot water moves silently through under-floor tubes, so there are no noisy motors or fans cycling on and off—and no dust blowing around and aggravating allergies.
  5. Bye-bye dry—as you might expect, hot water delivers warmth with more moisture than hot air, so itchy skin, sore throats, and static electricity are not such a problem in winter.

More Ways to Keep You Warm

At a time when many heating companies have phased out boiler service, Gross Heating is going strong. As a factory authorized dealer for efficient, reliable Carrier® boilers, we have experience with new installations as well as maintenance and repair for your existing boiler. We also have expertise in alternative heating systems—like heat pumps and ductless split systems—so count on us to help you heat your home your way.

For information on any of our heating, cooling, or air quality services, send us a message or give us a call. We’re centrally located in Brookfield, so we can provide fast, affordable service to homes throughout the Metro Milwaukee area.

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