5 Tips to Minimize the Strain on your HVAC System During the Summer

by | Aug 1, 2022

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Summer is in full swing, and if you couldn’t tell by that bright light that shines in your windows each day, you may have noticed by the regular hum of your air conditioning. This is crunch time for those hard working HVAC systems and keeping them going when you need them the most is critical. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to minimize the wear and tear on your air conditioning to ensure it keeps you cool right into the fall. 

Stay Consistent

One of the best ways to minimize strain on your HVAC system is to keep it at a fairly constant temperature. Sure, it may seem wasteful to have cool air blowing through your house when you’re away at work or taking a quick weekend getaway, but consistency is key to reducing the hard work it takes your system to go from a temperature of 85 to 75. 

Check your Vents

A simple step to keep air flowing is to assure all the vents in your house are open. It’s easy to just believe they are without checking, but remember when you ran the vacuum over one, when your toddler used a vent like a xylophone, and when the dog laid on top of the vent enjoying the magic cold box? All of these activities could have easily shifted the vent to a closed position. Reassure yourself by taking a look at each floor vent regularly. 

Keep the Air Flowing

Another common mistake we see is people think they will save on their energy bill by closing off unused rooms. HVAC systems are built to let air flow throughout the house, not a room at a time. If you want to cool only some portions of your home, consider a ductless split system or adding zoning to your system. We’re happy to discuss these options with you!

Close the Blinds

One of the best things about summer is the extended hours of sunshine. But as much as that sun brings a smile to your face, it is forcing your AC to work much harder. A simple way to keep a consistent cool is to close the curtains and blinds when that hot afternoon sun starts beaming in. And remember when your parents were constantly yelling at you to close the front door so you didn’t cool the whole neighborhood? Well- they were right! Every time a window or door opens, cold air whisks out and warm air creeps in. Don’t stand in the doorway talking to your neighbors, invite them in! 

Change your Filters

Finally, regular maintenance of your HVAC system is the key to its success. Change those filters! Did you know if your filter gets clogged and air can’t easily travel through it, you run the risk of putting your HVAC system into overdrive where your indoor evaporator coil can actually freeze? If you see ice, don’t chip it off to put in your iced tea, call your HVAC specialist immediately. 

Even if it isn’t an emergency, call your service provider at least annually to come inspect your HVAC system. Expert technicians at Gross Heating & Air Conditioning are ready and willing to come to your home and check on your system because we know easy maintenance can usually keep things running smoothly. And if you find there’s something bigger going on with your unit, we can make the necessary repairs or replacements to keep a small problem from becoming a big, hot mess. 

This is also a great time to learn more about whole home dehumidifiers, which make a huge difference in comfort level! Contact us today to request an appointment. Happy Summer!

Special Note: CHANGE IS NEAR. WILL YOU BE READY? Beginning January 1, 2023, the (Department of Energy) DOE is increasing the minimum efficiencies for central air conditioners and heat pumps. The testing procedures for determining those efficiencies are changing as well. Don’t be left out in the cold (or heat!). We’re ready to help you navigate these new requirements, and get your equipment up to date before the prices and new laws go into effect! 

The good news is homeowners buying new Carrier 2023-compliant systems will benefit from:

– A higher energy-efficient system leading to potentially reduced monthly utility bills.

– Enhanced comfort benefits such as more consistent indoor temperatures and improved humidity control.

Don’t delay- contact us today!

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