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Furnace Flue Tips

March 15, 2024

Even though our Gross Heating & Air Conditioning ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) experts are always here for you, as a Brookfield homeowner, you should know at least a little something about your heating and cooling system. Knowledge is power after all. It Is Always Flue Season Understanding some basics about your furnace flue can…

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How Do I Know If I Have a Cracked Heat Exchanger?

January 17, 2024
close-up of a furnace pilot light.

Your helpful neighbor suggested the issue you are having with your gas furnace sounds like it could be due to a cracked heat exchanger.

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Why Is My Furnace Leaking Water?

October 16, 2023
Why Is My Furnace Leaking Water? Ventilation Cleaner Looking for Dust.

You just discovered there is a puddle of water on the floor in front of your furnace. What does this mean? Why would your furnace be leaking water? 

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How Does My Gas Furnace Work?

September 13, 2023
Heating season. The use of gas as heating at home in winter, the cold season. The concept, the model of the house stands near the flame of a gas boiler.

On a frosty winter’s day here in Gross Heating & Air Conditioning, your gas furnace is hard at work, keeping your Brookfield home warm and cozy. Feeling grateful? You’re not alone—it’s one of the most popular forms of heating, as American as apple pie.

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