Maintenance Agreement

How a Maintenance Agreement Can Benefit You

Maintenance agreements from Gross Heating & Air Conditioning are designed for your peace of mind. They’re a great way to reduce or eliminate unexpected repair bills, ensure top performance, save money and prolong the life of your equipment. Here’s how you can benefit even more with a Maintenance Contract from Gross Heating:

  • Your equipment lasts longer.
    Regular maintenance corrects minor problems before they turn into costly emergency repairs. Your home comfort system will last longer if it’s properly maintained.
  • You can rest easy.
    Our complete inspection and tune-up of your equipment reduces or eliminates unexpected repair bills. You can be confident that your equipment is working properly and at peak performance.
  • Your monthly energy bills are lower.
    Based on market information, your savings can range from 10% to 30%
    with a properly maintained home comfort system.
  • You can use your maintenance contract as a selling point.
    If you decide to move, your maintenance contract will automatically transfer to the new owners. Your maintenance contract can be a strong selling point to potential buyers.
  • You can expect priority scheduling and 24-hour emergency service.
    When you need service, maintenance agreement customers like you receive round-the-clock, priority service.
  • You’ll be reminded when it’s time for a check-up.
    We remind you when it’s time for your spring and fall inspections and schedule them at your convenience.
  • You receive a discount.
    Gross Heating customers receive a 15% discount off any repair parts.
Gas Furnace Inspection (all makes & models)
Air Conditioner Inspection (all makes & models)

Gross Heating & Air Conditioning provides 24-hour, year-round emergency service. Our normal business hours are 7:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

For more information about Gross Heating & Air Conditioning’s Maintenance Agreement Program, call (262) 783-6000.