Ductless Split Systems

If there’s no ductwork in your home, or you have rooms that are always uncomfortable, a ductless split system can help.

Ductless Split Systems Heat and Cool Your “Problem Rooms” Without Ductwork

If your entire home or certain rooms don’t have ductwork, or you have areas that still don’t get enough heating or cooling, a ductless system from Gross Heating & Air Conditioning can help. These compact units use a heat pump to deliver warm or cooled air directly where you need it, instead of modifying an existing whole-home system. The condenser unit sits outside, and can connect to up to four indoor blowers with just a small conduit. This means you can easily manage the temperature in several different areas without redoing drywall or resorting to inefficient window air conditioners or space heaters. Ductless systems are ideal for sunrooms, attics, guest rooms, or finished porches, and have some of the highest efficiency ratings in the industry.

What’s So Great About Ductless Heating and Cooling?

If you have temperature problems in certain areas, there’s no need to compromise comfort in your entire home or shut the door and avoid that room. All you need is a little help and a ductless system from Gross Heating. The system is easy to install, with indoor units that are small and sleek and can hang from almost any wall. Connecting to the outdoor unit is easy, too, because we need only a small opening that minimizes concerns about heat loss or security. They are energy-efficient and save you more money than central air, have an allergen filtration system for better indoor air quality, and are nearly silent when running. Ask the pros at Gross Heating about ductless split systems or solutions for any space.

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