Summer Bummers—4 Common Air Conditioner Problems (and Quick Fixes)

by | Jul 20, 2019

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During our long Wisconsin winters, we often dream about warmer weather, but when the temperature spikes in the summer, we can count on the sweet relief of air conditioning. But with the constant summer use, your AC unit is bound to go through some wear and tear, which can cause some frustrating air conditioner problems. So what happens when there’s ice on your air conditioner or water on your windows? Gross Heating & Air Conditioning knows all about these summer bummers (and, more importantly, how to fix them).

Icy Air Conditioner

Ironically, your air conditioner can get too cold and form ice. This usually stems from a lack of airflow. Inside your air conditioner, the evaporator coil captures the warm indoor air and filters it outside. If there isn’t enough of that warm air coming through the AC, then the coil can’t do its job, and it will try harder and get colder. To avoid this, change your air filter regularly and give the actual air conditioner a once-over. Especially for outdoor units, it’s easy for debris such as grass and foliage to block airflow.

Too Much Humidity

Humidity is an unfortunate part of summer. It can make already-hot days feel even worse, even if your air conditioner is already running, and cause water condensation on your windows. Fortunately, this fix is simple—invest in a dehumidifier. It can remove moisture from the air (and the potential mold, mildew, and musty odors it causes). Check out our whole-home dehumidifiers (and humidifiers, for indoor air that gets too dry) to complement your heating and cooling systems.

AC Blows Out Warm Air

We often retreat to our homes when we need a break from the hot summer weather. So if your AC starts blowing warm air instead of cold, it can be frustrating. If this happens, call in a professional. With time and use, the coils and lines inside your AC unit develop small leaks, and with heavy usage in the summertime, those leaks only get bigger. Our expert techs have made this repair countless times—we can do the same for you.

High Energy Bills

Unfortunately, higher energy bills can be a tradeoff of keeping your home nice and cool in the summertime. But rather than choosing to turn your air off and sweat out the cost, consider upgrading to a Wi-Fi-enabled programmable thermostat. This enables you to set your system to cool your home according to your schedule and even manage the humidity levels we mentioned earlier. If your home uses ductless split systems for cooling, these thermostats can also control the temperature in specific rooms to help you save money.

Take Control of Summer AC Bummers—Call Gross Today

At Gross Heating, we take your home comfort seriously. If you’ve experienced these or other air conditioner problems, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. We can handle any air conditioner repair or installation and take care of any system maintenance (the same goes for heating and indoor air quality services). We’re also a certified Carrier® dealer, so you know that you’re getting the absolute best in home comfort. Call us today at 262-783-6000 or contact us online.

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