These DIY Furnace Maintenance Tips Will Keep Your Home Extra Comfortable

by | Feb 6, 2020

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Routine maintenance is one of the most important things you can do for both your home comfort and your heating system. It helps ensure energy efficiency and prolongs your unit’s lifespan, all while cleaning and tuning its parts to avoid future breakdowns. And the best part—you can take care of some maintenance items yourself. So before you call in the experts at Gross Heating & Air Conditioning, use these simple DIY furnace maintenance tips to save yourself some heating headaches.

Check Your Air Filters

This step is one of the easiest, yet most important things you can do for your home comfort. Filters trap all kinds of dirt and dander, preventing them from circulating through your house. The only catch—these contaminants will clog up the filter, forcing your furnace to work overtime to push fresh air through. By replacing the filter every one to three months, you can ensure clean indoor air and an efficient heating system.

Keep Vents and Ducts Clean

Just like your air filters, dust and dirt can collect in your vents and block air flow. Keep your ducts clean by taking off the vent covers and feeding your vacuum’s extension hose inside. From there, simply turn it on and suck up the blockages. You’ll be amazed at how much more heat will flow through the vents when you’re done.

Inspect the Furnace Exhaust Pipe

When you think of your furnace, chances are you overlook its exhaust pipe—the big metal tube that carries exhaust away from your house. A simple maintenance tip: inspect the outside of the pipe for holes or corrosion. You can patch small holes with foil tape, but bigger holes and corrosion require a professional to repair—it prevents carbon monoxide from leaking into your house. Professionals can also clean out any blockages inside, making it easier for exhaust to flow out.

Open All Vents in Your Home

Closing vents in rooms you barely use may seem like a good idea, but it’s actually better for your furnace and indoor air to keep them open. Your furnace is sized specifically to heat your entire home, so when part of it is blocked off, your system will work harder to compensate. Keeping those vents open puts less stress on the unit and supports efficiency.

Bonus Tip: Call in the Experts at Gross Heating for Optimal Comfort

You can use these DIY furnace maintenance tips to boost your home comfort, but your best option is to call the experts at Gross Heating for routine service. Our techs clean and check all parts of your heating system, including the filter, fan belt, motor, blower, pilot light, burners, vents, thermostat, and safety controls. We’ll even test for carbon monoxide leaks and other potential risks. For total comfort and safety, turn to the experts at Gross Heating and Carrier®—call us today at 262-783-6000 or contact us online.

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