4 Ways Air Conditioner Maintenance Pays for Itself

by | May 20, 2019

AC maintenance pays for itself

After surviving our seemingly never-ending winter, it’s hard to believe that soon we’ll be concerned about keeping cool. It won’t be long until we’re running our air conditioners around the clock. Though you may not be thinking about air conditioner maintenance right now, Gross Heating & Air Conditioning is! And if you want to save money and keep cool this summer, you should be, too.

Schedule Air Conditioner Maintenance Now to Save Money Later

Here are four reasons why investing in preventive maintenance saves you money and helps ward off an AC breakdown:

  1. Lower energy bills—an efficient unit is a more cost-effective unit. Proper maintenance can lower your monthly energy bills by up to 30 percent. If you haven’t had your unit checked recently, it’s likely working harder than it needs to, to keep your home comfortably cool. Of course, that means increased energy costs for you.
  2. Fewer repairs—when is the last time you checked the outside area surrounding your air conditioner? Did you know that dirt and grime buildup is the number one reason for repair? During inspection, our technicians will remove debris from the exterior unit and clean and inspect all indoor and outdoor coils, blower components, mechanical parts, filters, and thermostat wiring—the list of checks goes on. And every appointment is completed with a system performance test.
  3. Longer system life—just as you wouldn’t skip oil changes on your car, giving your AC unit some routine TLC means you’ll maximize its lifespan. A typical air conditioning unit works well for about 10 to 15 years. With annual maintenance, you can ensure your AC unit reaches its full life expectancy. And when it does come time to replace your air conditioner, our technicians can recommend an energy-efficient Carrier® Infinity® system that will best fit your home and comfort needs.
  4. Protect your warranty—HVAC manufacturers recommend having air conditioning systems inspected and cleaned annually. Without proper maintenance, your warranty will be voided, leaving you on the line for unexpected repair costs. Having your unit checked and cleaned regularly means if you do have an equipment breakdown, your warranty will likely cover the cost of parts and possibly labor.

For Just-Right Comfort All Summer, Trust the Experts at Gross Heating

Make the smart choice and schedule air conditioner maintenance today. Gross Heating has been winning awards and winning over customers since 1925. Give us a call at 262-783-6000 to schedule a free estimate or service and see why your friends and neighbors already trust us with their HVAC needs.

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