Heat Pump vs. Air Conditioner: Different Kinds of Cool

by | Jun 18, 2018

Heat pump vs. air conditioner Gross Heating can help

You might not know it by the name, but you can actually use a heat pump to help keep your home cool. When it’s time to install a new HVAC system in your home or business, you should consider both a heat pump and a conventional air conditioning system, and weigh your options carefully. While these systems generally work the same when cooling your home, the pros at Gross Heating & Air Conditioning want you to understand a few differences.

How do they work? Both heat pumps and traditional air conditioners rely on the same technology to lower inside air temperatures: refrigerant is pumped from a condenser coil in the outer unit to the interior evaporator coil, absorbing the heat from indoor air. This cooled air is then distributed throughout your home, bringing the temperature inside down to a comfortable level. The most significant difference is that a heat pump can reverse its process and transfer heat from outside to raise indoor temperatures in winter. A conventional air conditioning system must be paired with a boiler or furnace if you need to warm your home.

Which is more affordable? Conventional air conditioners are generally less expensive to purchase, maintain, and operate, yet heat pumps provide both warm and cool air very efficiently for reduced monthly energy costs. Also, since heat pump systems are more environmentally friendly than conventional air conditioners, you could qualify for a tax incentive or rebate that further reduces your overall cost.

How do I choose? Choosing between central air conditioning and a heat pump depends on a lot of things—the climate you live in, the kind of space you want to cool, and the level of control you hope to achieve. Talking with a certified technician about these variables is always a good starting point. And if you have a “problem room” that’s hard to cool in summer and heat in winter, you can always add a ductless split system that uses a small heat pump to manage the temperature in that one area as needed. It’s up to 40 percent more efficient than window air conditioning units and allows you to better customize comfort in specific rooms.

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