Home Comfort Goes High Tech With Wi-Fi Thermostats

by | Sep 18, 2017

Home comfort goes high tech with wi-fi thermostats contact Gross Heating

Just as one-size-fits-all isn’t the best choice for comfortable clothing, one-temp-all-the-time isn’t a good approach to heating and cooling your home. Today’s programmable, Wi-Fi compatible thermostats allow you to tailor comfort to specific needs, current conditions, and changing schedules. More than just convenient, this technology is energy-smart and can help you reduce your utility bills by 15 to 20 percent every month by only using energy as needed.

With programmable, connected thermostats, you can easily adjust all your heating, cooling, and comfort needs. Program your thermostat to reduce heat or air conditioning when you need it less—while you’re at work, when you’re asleep, or if you’re on vacation. Feeling a chill? Grab your phone or tablet and get cozy. Change in plans or a change in weather? Just tap to change the temperature, humidity, air quality service, and schedule. With Wi-Fi enabled controls from Carrier®, you can even “call it in” with an app from your smartphone and come home to just-right conditions.

For a smarter home, industry professionals like Gross Heating & Air Conditioning recommend smart thermostats—plus zone controls and Wi-Fi remotes—with all new installations. Much of this same technology can also be applied to existing systems, if you want to upgrade your control but aren’t ready for a new furnace, air conditioner, humidifier, dehumidifier, or indoor air quality system.

Techs Put You in Control of Your Comfort

A NATE-certified technician can help you choose the most compatible and efficient option for your home. Although the systems are very intuitive and user-friendly, he will walk you through setup so you clearly understand all the functions, as there are many that go beyond starting, stopping, or scheduling operations. There are features like real-time monitoring and reporting of energy use, service reminders, quick-read icons, and easy on-screen prompts. In just a few minutes, you’ll know how to make changes that will make a difference in your comfort and energy costs.

If you’d like to talk about these or other upgrades for your home, call Gross Heating to schedule time with one of our experienced and certified comfort specialists.

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