How To Cool Your House If You Have A Boiler

by | Feb 26, 2022

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If you have a boiler for heating your home during the colder months, you may be wondering how you can add air conditioning to keep your house cool in the summer. This is a good question as homes with a boiler do not have the ductwork for delivering cool air throughout the house. We see this a lot and we often hear from homeowners with boilers who want to know if they can install an air conditioning system in their homes.

The good news is yes, there are great options for efficiently cooling your house, and some don’t even require ductwork! Ductless units, conventional, and high-velocity cooling systems are types of energy-efficient air conditioning systems that can be installed in homes with boilers. We explain the differences between them below.


Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner System

As the name implies, ductless mini-split systems do not require air ducts. Rather than relying on ductwork to move air through your home, a ductless mini-split system utilizes an exterior air condenser unit and an interior air handler. These units connect with refrigerant piping that transfers heat through the refrigerant process.

Ductless mini-split systems are effective at delivering cooler air to your home and tend to be very energy efficient. The one drawback is the limited range; however, this is easily addressed with the installation of multiple air handlers, which can give you excellent climate control in the different zones throughout your home. The size and layout of your home will dictate how many zones need to be cooled and how many condensing units and air handlers may be needed. Another great feature with ductless units is that they can heat your house in the shoulder seasons if you don’t want to fire up your boiler. Some ductless units can give you 100% greater capacity down to 5 below zero. Additionally, these types of units are great for sunrooms.


High-Velocity System

High-velocity air conditioners are another energy-efficient ducted option for cooling your home. These systems consist of an exterior air condenser positioned outside of the home, indoor air handler typically in the attic, and insulated ductwork installed in the attic space to deliver the cooler air at high velocities to the different areas inside the home. We love to use these types of systems because we can run ductwork in areas where a regular conventional system can’t due to their size. These are great retrofit systems and less invasive.


Conventional System

The conventional system uses the same concept with the outdoor condenser and indoor air handler. These types of systems work great in ranch style homes where larger diameter ductwork is easier to run. If you have a home like this, consider this as another great option.


Easy Professional Installation & Maintenance

Whether you are considering a ductless mini-split system, a high-velocity air system, or a conventional system to cool your home, installation is a relatively quick and easy process and does not require major demolition. That said, we do recommend hiring a professional installer. More often than not, you will save both time and money with a professionally installed system, optimized for your home.

Spring is an ideal time to install either a ductless mini-split, high-velocity air conditioning system or conventional system–before temperatures begin to rise and installers’ schedules get booked up! When dealing with high-velocity systems, it is especially important to take advantage of the cooler weather. The insulated ductwork in these systems are typically installed in the attic, which can quickly become an unbearable oven to spend any time in during the heat of summer.

If you are ready for a cooler, more comfortable climate in your home this summer, give us a call. Our NATE-certified technicians at Gross Heating & Air Conditioning are pros at installing, repairing, and maintaining ductless air conditioning systems. They can also consult with you on the best system for your home.

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