Stop the Soar—Ways to Keep Your AC Electricity Bills Low

by | Jul 27, 2016

energy bill and lightbulbs on the kitchen table

Electricity bills can soar to new heights in the summer just like sizzling temperatures. Consider replacing any air conditioning system that’s older than 10 years. A new, ENERGY STAR® qualified air conditioner installed by a professional like Gross Heating is typically 14 percent more efficient than older models. In the meantime, here are ways to beat the heat, while keeping your energy usage and electricity bill in check.

Put the chill on cooking

Keep your kitchen cooler by cooking with smaller appliances like a crock-pot or toaster oven instead of your oven or stovetop. Or cook outside. The point is not to add heat to your indoor air.

Tackle tasks when the sun’s not shining

Why? Because it’s warmer when the sun’s up. Heat generated by your dryer and other appliances also typically winds up heating your home. Instead of the middle of the day, use your washer, vacuum cleaner, and dishwasher once the sun goes down.

Unplug to stay cool

DVD players, microwaves, big screen TVs, cell phone chargers, and other appliances suck up energy even when they’re turned off or in sleep mode. Unplug power strips, small appliances, and electronics.

Turn on a fan

The key is to move the air around since a fan can’t actually lower the temperature. Position fans to move air upward. Since heat rises, the fan will push trapped air up and out faster. Run ceiling fans counter-clockwise at a high speed for the same reason.

Plant some shade

Most of the heat building up inside your home comes from the sun shining on the roof or through your windows. A recent study found that placing trees on the south and west side of a house, no more than 60 feet away, could lower utility bills by five percent between May and September. Go ahead and plant some vines, shrubs, leafy trees—any type of shade canopy. They’re worth the cost.

Don’t cool an empty house

Use a programmable thermostat to automatically cool your home when you’re there and raise the temperature when you’re away or asleep. When used properly, programmable thermostats can reduce energy consumption.

Keep air filters clean

Replace your air filters every month. When the filter gets dirty, your AC has to work extra hard to pull air into the system to cool, which uses more energy.

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