We’re Your Boiler Experts

If you’re trying to choose the best heating options for your home, don’t overlook boiler heating systems from Gross Heating & Air Conditioning. Today, they’re more popular than ever because they’re compact, durable, energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Check out our selection of:

  • Hot water boilers (80-98% efficient)
  • Steam boilers for residential and commercial applications
  • Natural gas and oil fired boilers
  • Domestic water heater tanks that are more efficient and produce more water than a standard water heater
  • Zone systems for hot water homes
  • Steam to hot water system conversions (Hot water systems are more economical to operate and easier on the pipes in your home.)
  • Outdoor reset controls for hot water boilers (to boost efficiency)

Sidestep boiler problems with our maintenance and repair services

The most obvious indication that a boiler needs repair is that it’s no longer heating water. Unfortunately, the trouble may well have started long before that. It pays to have your boiler maintained on a regular basis, so that we can spot, diagnose, and stop potential problems before they happen.
Inconsistent boiler pressure or clinking noises upon start-up are other indicators that it may be time to call us for boiler repair. We’re ready to service your boiler—when things stop working or aren’t quite working the way they should, we’ll be there to make it right.

Already have a boiler that you need to replace?

Not every home situation is right for a high-efficiency boiler, but you might want to consider one the next time you replace yours. Converting a steam boiler system to a hot water system results in a quick payback, since steam heat is one of the least efficient heat sources available. A hot water boiler works much more efficiently and is easier on the boiler piping throughout your home. Not all houses can be converted, but if you want to explore the options, please contact us for a free in-home estimate. We’re the experts in Waukesha County at converting homes to hot water systems!